Trisonica Mini

AneMoment TriSonica

Mini vejrstation, til måling af vind-hastighed/retning/temperatur/fugt/tryk samt tilt- og kompasretning.

For those that require a compact, lightweight, accurate anemometer, for a small location or for use on a small drone, Anemoment offers the TriSonica Mini.  

It has a measurement path of just 35 mm and a weight of less than 50 grams.  Even with it's small size it provides wind speed, direction, air temperature, and speed of sound.

The TriSonica Mini Solid-State Wind System provides measurements of all three dimensions of air flow.  The open path imposes the least possible distortion to the wind field. Four measurement paths provide a redundant measurement.  The path with the most distortion is removed from the calculations to provide accurate wind measurements.

Data emulation allows for the direct connection to existing data loggers and systems without costly changes to associated electronics.  Data output is adjustable by the user to meet their requirements.


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